Join Us Again This Year!

2022 Annual Fundraising Event!

Our Theme for This Year:

"Prayers For Special Needs Children Around The World" 

Your Selfless Giving Helps Us to Continue to Meet the Challenges of Our Special Needs Children and Their Parents Possible.

Mission Hugs 2022
Annual Fundraiser

Will Be Virtual This Year!  

More details to come
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Mission Hugs 2022



Mission Hugs, Inc. in Birmingham, Alabama, provides sick child care and emergency child care when schools close, children fall ill, or other issues that may need extra care arise.


We work with children with reverse isolation, newborns who are born early, and also provide help for children who have chronic or medically fragile conditions, G-tubes, and children with childhood illnesses.

Do You or Someone You Know Need Sick Child Care?   Contact
Huggs & Kisses!
(205) 324-8447
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We believe here at Mission Huggs that if everyone would get involved by sowing a seed in the lives of Special Needs Children, that this will Help make it better for them.

We are involved because we care and desire to help Special need children. We also believe that you visited us because you want to get involved too. 

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Our organization serves to help families with our passion to aid them in their time of need. Mission Hugs, Inc. helps make it possible for parents to be able to stay at work to help keep their family housed, fed, and clothed.

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