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"​I'm Waiting - Shouldn't You?"

is a ministry that teaches kids to practice abstinence. Sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies are at an unprecedented rate. The escalation can be associated to a society that is teaching more about safe sex and less emphasis is being placed on abstinence. Outside a monogamous, marital relationship abstinence is the only guaranteed means of avoiding the pitfalls that are inevitable when these relationships are out of place.

Magnolia Pediatrics South

is a private practice of Pediatrics which has a twenty - six year history of reaching children from birth through adolescence with the opportunity to influence their levels of ambition and encourage them towards life style decisions that steer them away from premature sexual relationships they are followed on yearly basis during routine office visits. 



Cover To Cover

is a community based organization which partners churches in the immediate vicinity of the public schools, sending into those schools advocates, mentors and programs aimed at encouraging students to positive and progressive decisions in life. This organization has supported sport events, assemblies, as well as offering help to educators. The collaboration of these organizations along with staff to expand this service more extensively throughout the community.

Women Under Construction Network

is a non-profit organization that uses actual tools to teach women about home repair then aligns those tools with corresponding life-principles.  

Our Mission: To educate, motivate and empower women using tool and              home repair applications with a mission to educate, motivate, and empower women of all ages facing critical needs at home. Our programs promote self-sufficiency and provide women with actual tools and the hands-on skills  needed to make repairs in their homes. The profound words of the founder and chief motivator, Shellie Layne, challenge the women in their programs to view each tool’s function as a parallel to their own lives.

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